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We breed for Quality not  Quantity!
This page is dedicated to the Dachshunds various coats, colors and patterns!
Dachshunds come in many colors, patterns and 3 coat varieties!

My goal is to attempt to help educate people on these. Many breeders have colors & patterns posted wrong on their websites. It is very frustrating to see breeders posting false information about these dogs. Please learn the color genetics when breeding. It did take me time to learn......but I did learn them! Genetics can be very confusing, but try to learn the basics before breeding.

There are 3 coat types in dachshunds~

However, within those coats types there are many modifying factors that affect or influence these coat types!

LONG~~Broken or Showy(Full)

WIRE~~Broken, Rough, Inverse, Double Soft, Insulating and Silky.

SMOOTH~~Soft, Silky

There are many patterns and all 3 coat types can have these patterns, some of the patterns are called different names tho for different coat types. You can also have multiple patterns on the same dog. Multiple patterns are frowned upon by AKC & DCA standard! Any multiple patterned dog with dapple in it should be registered as a dapple. It is unethical to breed 2 dapples together to produce double dapples or DD's! Many colors and patterns can also have shading on them at birth.

Piebalds~can be extremes, dapple pies, brindle pies and dapple brindle pies. Also with or without points and with or without "ticking"!!  You can also have "extremes or tuxedo" piebalds.

Dapples~reverse, patchwork, double dapples, dapple pies, dapple brindles and dapples with or without points. Many dapples can be born with visible dappling but the dappling can fade as they mature & grow. The most common colors where fading takes place in is reds & creams! Double Dapple breedings normally result in blind, deaf or missing parts at birth. A major NO NO to breed together!!

Sables or Wildboars~sables are long coats only and look like a black & tan from a distance, they also have what is refered to as a widows peak. Wildboars come in wires & smooths only. Their hairs are banded together to give them the distinguished look that they have.

Wild Boars can come in Black & Red. "Our CH Sir Winslow is a Red Boar"!!!

Brindles~brindle pies, brindle dapples, brindle dapple pies and in solids with brindle points.

Solids with points~can be any color.

Solids without points~can be any color.

 Dominant and Recessive Colors~
Dachshunds have at least 7 different pairs of genes that
control coat color; there may be more as yet unidentified
genes that also have an effect on the color and/or pattern
In Scientific literature genes are identified by letters
(dominant genes by a capital letter, recessive genes by a
small letter).
Genes can exist in more than one form, called Alleles, and
depending on which alleles your dog inherits from its parents
will depend on the color it is.

Below is where I got some of my info from!


Several shaded creams that we have had at various ages.
These next pictures show the differences between what "ee reds" & "ee creams" look like from birth up to around 6-8 wks old.  This is the same litter of puppies.
"ee" means the same as "clear"....just proper terminology.
This example is of an "ee" red piebald puppy with ticking.
Examples of more types of "ee" pups!
A shaded cream from puppyhood to adulthood.  True shaded creams are born very dark and lighten with age!
This is the same dog!