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We breed for Quality not  Quantity!
Our Available Puppies
Please email or call me to verify a puppy is available before filling out an application.  Do not send a $200-$250 deposit or more, unless asked to.
All deposits are non-refundable!! 
I also have the right to refuse any sale to anyone at anytime for any reason!!
Thank You!!
I have waiting lists for puppies also so please inquire first about the pup you are wanting.  I will no longer ship puppies with the new laws that have passed.  However, you are welcome to fly or drive here to meet your new bundle of joy.  I will also personally fly with a pup and deliver it to you, if that makes it more convenient, of course at your expense!  We strive to make this a smooth, easy and wonderful experience for all involved.
All our pups come with a 5 yr health guarantee!!  They all have their first set of shots...are dewormed with Pyrantel, Panacur & Strongid-T....vet exam....I have a spay/neuter contract that everyone must sign unless breeding rights are granted....these are given to only a select few!! I start all our pups out on Pro Plan All Life Stages Performance or Lamb & Rice....they will go home with a puppy starter kit....I also include a toy, collar & blanket for them, unless they are discounted, then you will just get a sample bag of food & blanket with their mama & siblings smell on it....I will give as much literature out as needed and basic safety precautions that need to be taken when bringing home a new pup, just ask for it!! With each litter I may add to the puppy packs or take away from depending on what I find ideal to give at that time!! I feed all my pups & dogs Purina Pro Plan now....I haven't had any problems with it....all their coats are excellent, shiny & thick looking....they are all keeping good weights with it and are very healthy! I occasionally feed RAW but am advised by my Vet that this should not be their main means of food!  
  My Vet Info. Feel free to call!! They see my dogs & puppies!!

If you live in the Akron/Canton area.....Dr. Gainey is the best vet I have ever seen and is great with the Dachshunds! =0)

Uniontown Vet Clinic~


Dr. Joe Gainey

3435 Grovemont St NW

Uniontown, OH 44685



Belpar Pet Care Centre~

Dr. Joe Gainey

4835 Fulton Drive NW

Canton, OH 44718

Contact Us
Please READ "Our Contract" page AND our "Puppy/Dog Application" page, before even considering to put down a deposit or inquire about one of our babies!
Waiting List for puppies!

Some of these people on my waiting list may already have found another dachshund puppy, so please don't let the list scare you lol.  I'm trying to contact everyone to see who is still waiting and who has already found a puppy else where! 
Thank you for your patience!  
I will be keeping a pup back for myself to show!

1. Pat Unger~wire
2. Margarette~cream dapple male long
3. Ann Lindh~red brindle wire female
4.Trista~LH female
5.Kyle~female show pup
6. Susan Thomas~female wire show pup
7. Michelle~female cream lh
8. Carla Coulter~sm pie female
9. Linda Shaddy~sm or lh male 

If I have forgotten someone, please remind me LOL!  Thank you!!
We are planning our 2018 breedings at this time.  We plan on having a couple wire/smooth litters as well as a couple long hair ones.  Please keep checking back to see when & who was bred.

I need to update my waiting list too!!